Estar Benz Series

Blue Silver Inside View

Brought in to extend our successful `E-Star' case line, the Benz series comes in two attractive colours - Benz Silver/ benz Blue.


These cases have an extended depth of 470mm so they can accommodate the full size PIV boards which measure 12 x 13.25". This extra length increases the space between the 20 pin M/B power connector and adjacent CD devices thus minimizing obstruction.

Working With It

Building With It: Case is taller at 430mm. This provides a bigger space for assembly.M/B can be installed directly with no obstruction. Clip on expansion slots can be reused to seal rear once system has been built.
Accessibility Three piece cover design removable with two screws.
Fan Option: 1 X Fan holder to front, 1 to rear. Factory fitted side fan blows cool air onto CPU.
Cooling: As it's a taller case, airflow is greater between cards and peripherals. 3-way airflow between front/rear side cooling fans. PSU fully vented front/back pulls hot air out.


Drive space 5.25": 4
3.5" Exposed: 2
3.5" Hidden: 3
Expansion Slots: 7
Dimensions(W X D X H): 200 X 430 X 470 mm
Weight: 10 Kg

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