xSPEED ia Series

xSPEED ia Silver SilverxSPEED ia Blue xSPEED ia Black


Brand new chassis to C&J, the x SPEED ia series cases are ideally suited as a gaming machine or for an ultra modern system which can be loaded with Cathode tubes, colour fans, temperature sensors and the latest modding gadgetry. Its
is also a screwless chassis
, the top panel is loosened with a thumb screw, and the side panels simply lift off, so upgrades can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

  • Internal View :
  • Sturdy smooth structure
  • Extra 3.5” bays
  • Folded smooth edges
  • Door open view
  • space for 4x5.25”
  • No need to colour coordinate drives
  • Power and reset minimise tampering



Cases have extended depth of 470mm so they can accommodate PIV boards. This extra length
increases the space between the 20 pin M/B power connector and adjacent CD devices