Wireless Silver Multimedia Keyboard


Natural A-Shape Keyboard with 17 customised hot keys for own use.
This further prevents Repetitive Strain Injury on your wrists and arms!
Center keys ''A-shaped'' matches the ways your fingers naturally move and gives greater comfort while typing
Cordless Comfort and Fast Track to the internet
Office Hot keys - allows your Microsoft Office become ease
EMAIL Access Control - Go straight to EMAIL with just one touch
Internet Fast Touch Key - Delivers your Favorite Programs instantly
Multimedia Control - Music and Video play at your command
520 DPI (dot per inch) sensor mouse works on any surface/
Reliable 2-channel digital radio technology
Innovative 255 user ID codes, no more problem with radio frequency interference
Operational Range within 2 meters
Built in Rechargable receiver Battery offers longer battery life

Operates on 2 AA + 2 AAA batteries  

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