Hard disk Cool drive / Secondary Fans
Eudemon ......NEW...... Front I/O Module
Fx-3 LCD & Temperature Module Panel
Fx-4 LCD ..... Fan controller .....
FM84XW & Fp-54 VDF .....NEW.....

The perfect solution if you are concerned about your computers temperatures and a matching accessory for the Silverstone Chassis range

Silverstone CPU Fans
NT02 - Silverstone .....NEW......  
NT03 - Silverstone .....NEW......  

CPU Coolers AMD / P4
K8 SP708S3-1 KestrelKing AMD 64..NEW.. ( 754 / 940 / 939
Superock II CF80S4 AMD Approved
Intel SP512S7 QuadroFlow V only 22dBA Low Noises
QuieTude Vi SP495S11-U ....NEW....
CUW3-610A low profile 1U copper cooler for Socket 478
Cooler Accesories

As the UK distributor for Evercool Thermal products, we offer a complete range of cooling solution, which can address heat issues. Our CPU coolers support all AMD / Intel chipset over 2.0Ghz. Our copper based heatsinks, ND-18 and CUB-725 support 3.0GHz Amd chips, and come with a massive 7cm cooling fan to move the heat. Related accessories such as our Speed control fan can increase / decrease noise and fan RPM.

Secondary Fans
4 & 5cm (3 pin) Secondary Fan NEW
6cm (3 pin) Ball bearing case fan
8cm (4 or 3 pin) Secondary Fan
12cm (4 pin) Secondary Fan
Secondary Fans provide additional airflow inside a PC, and ensure cooling remains constant in the even of CPU fan failure. As a rule of thumb put one Secondary fan to the front of the case to pull cool air in, and one fan to the rear of the case to suck hot air out.


Special Purpose Coolers /  Modding Gear
Aluminium Hard Disk Drive Cooler
Hard Disk Cooler
Mounting Rack 5.25" - 3.5"
System Exhaust Fan
System Bracket Fan
VGA Chipset Thermal Pack
Thermol monitor..New Design..
Colour Secondary Fans  
Cathode Tubes UV Cabling
Special Purpose Extras /  Modding Gear
IDE / Floppy Cabling
Extended Cooling Kit ( ECS-01)
Sound Pad ..Noise reducer
PCAB Air Conditioner