Special Size Power Supplies

We can offer a full range of Power supplies with differing sizes and specs to meet the market requirement of ex-factory or special size chassis solutions. To find the correct PSU for your needs please use the table below to size Your PSU. The Standard PSU size in the market for a Midi case is W 150 x H 86 x D140mm. We have a large range to choose from here So when choosing a bigger power PSU always check the space depth in your chassis and ensure there are no obstruction e.g. The PSU doesn't hit your DVD drive or that the cabling can be connected and run easily through. More Info
600w / 700 W infinity
600w 12cm Fan or Dual 8cm Fan
500w Eagle
550w Acrylic PSU
550w 12cm or Dual 8cm Fan
450w 12cm or Dual 8cm Fan
460W Xeon 24+8 Pin PSU
450w Acrylic PSU
400w Ezcool
400w Psu for Desktop
400w Eagle
Enermax EG851AX 660w
max EG-701AX 600w
Liberty ELT620AWT 620w
Liberty ELT520AWT 520W
EG495AX 475W
EG285SX 270W SFF
Liberty ELT400 400w

EG 1000EGL
Enermax Galaxy PSU 1000 Watts

ST-65ZF 650w
ST-60 Modular 600w
ST-56NF 560w
ST-56ZF 560w
Silverstone 75ZF 750 Watt
ST-30NF Fanless PSU 300w
Silverstone 85ZF 850 Watt